Beacon App Development Company India

As a Beacon App Development Company in India, QuestSage a mobile app development company offers a plethora of technological possibilities, with the help of its beacon app developers, including

Resource Tracking

With a few clicks, you can cover track large warehouse spaces with efficient Beacon-based apps that can find resources within a location, online and mobile, to surmount basic tracking challenges. Beacons with help from mobile technology offer a brilliant affordable asset management system that can be scaled as required.

Push-Driven Marketing

With proximity marketing, our beacon app developers in India deliver indoor mapping, location-specific content and instant area-wise notifications to customers. Customers can even benefit from limited offers when they walk by a retail shop or a spa. Marketers can boost in-store sales and develop consistent customer loyalty with beacon technology.

Interactive Tours

Museums or Zoos always have select attractions and additional information related to the animal or an artifact. Instead of displaying loads of information everywhere, beacon technology can help in connecting with the app for instant notifications/ images/ videos about a nearby animal or artifact. Interactive tours can really leverage beacons to the hilt in keeping information alive and relevant in any space.


Our beacon app developers also offer educational solutions add real-world scenarios and interaction with students and teachers on a daily basis. One can utilize many other possibilities to enrich the classroom experience with location based messaging, attendance tracking, etc.


• Our beacon app development services include varied automation settings - home, commercial, or industrial. You can open or close your garage doors, get lights on and off, or even switch on your AC based on your presence, through BLE technology and beacons.

Effective Navigation

For large office spaces and shopping malls, customers are always finding it tough to navigate their way in and out. Our beacon app developers can be useful here with their way-finding technology through their apps, allowing fully functioning indoor navigation anywhere.

Internet of Things has unlocked new possibilities by connecting devices and communicating with each other. The beacon technology is one of the prime connecting technologies that have boosted innovation in varied ways. iBeacon is Apple’s version of BLE-beacon concept allowing compatible devices to broadcast and receive information through beacons.

As a beacon app development company in India & USA, QuestSage seeks to leverage beacon app development process as well as ibeacon app development capabilities for driving increased IoT scenarios to esteemed clients while also pushing the boundaries of innovation and imagination.

Beacon Technology and its Brilliance

Beacons are small BLE devices broadcasting tidbits of information with specific protocol relaying small packet of messages for access through compatible mobile apps.

  • It allows Bluetooth enabled devices (BLE devices) to send and receive data within short distances.
  • A few beacons placed around the app can introduce relevant activity like your presence in a room could trigger the AC on a certain temperature
  • Beacons can introduce reminders about daily tasks, when they are around, especially with a to-do list related to a specific space.
  • Beacons can aid in discovering people of similar interests especially for dating thus connecting with people on social basis.

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