Hire Cross Platform App Developers

With the heights of cross-platform development, QuestSage is spearheading the technology to develop mobile apps for multiple platforms like Apple’s iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows with a single development approach and attempt. No tweaks are necessary to the code to adhere to platform rules as our cross platform expertise ensures the app will run smoothly on all platforms, resolutions, device size and so on. Hire cross platform app developers from QuestSage to make a strong impression.

  • Build one app and deploy on multiple platforms at a time
  • Agile development techniques for cross platform app development projects
  • Skilled cross-platform app developers rely on their experience to meet client requirements for vertical needs.

Why opt for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services?

Enterprises now have to consider mobile app development for multiple devices and platforms. Spending time on native app development for one app and one platform at a time is price and effort intensive too.

  • With cross-platform apps, one can achieve greater market penetration and deliver lower time to market for supported platforms.
  • With hybrid app development architecture, enterprises can rely on better code maintainability owing to the underlying single code base.
  • Apps are written in HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • Compiled into native code and deployed or make use of inclusive native wrappers for deployment thus making it perfect for diverse platforms.
  • The apps leverage location information, notifications, mapping capabilities and mobile hardware such as the camera.
  • Support for hardware of varied mobile brands

We weigh out pros and cons of platforms and cross platform technologies before zeroing on one.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools

With multiple tools and frameworks available, QuestSage is the mobile app development company ensures the development of best-of-breed cross-platform apps. Hire our cross platform app developers in India & USA to leverage the technologies mentioned below:

  • Xamarin
    A popular app development platform for enterprises to build native cross platform applications. One can enable 75% code sharing across all mobile platforms. Xamarin Developers also utilize C# to build apps and enables them to run automated tests for the efficiency of their mobile apps and to monitor app performance.
  • PhoneGap /Apache Cordova
    This web application is packaged native application container with every operation executed by JavaScript with help from device-level APIs. PhoneGap app developers can leverage HTML, JavaScript and CSS to develop apps.
  • Appcelerator’s Titanium
    Titanium includes a unified JavaScript API, which can be easily integrated with a native platform and allows access to all platform features. Titanium developers write JavaScript code use the MVC framework for taking advantage of reusability of native UI components, boosting the overall performance.
  • Sencha, Adobe Air
    It is other popular platforms that can be leveraged for the cross platform app development process. Partnering with the right cross-platform app development company is important so that the app is aligned with a development process that honors industry’s best practices. Hire cross platform app developers who have the experience to develop multi-platform apps and enterprise-grade mobile applications for deriving maximum ROI from the project.

Hire our cross platform app developers in India & USA today and know how our development approach can save time, money and effort without compromising on quality, consistency, and efficiency of the apps being developed.

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