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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a means by which an ICO token development company can reach out a large number of investors to raise a certain amount of money for growth and expansion of the company. This concept is similar to the concept of IPO where some of the shares of the company are sold for the same purpose. However, through ICO, the company sells cryptocurrency to its supporters who are early investors and purchase it with the hope of getting good returns on the investment.

An ICO development company thus needs to build a business plan that should include the summary, purpose, benefits, and minimum amount of funds that need to be raised for the project. Based on the duration of the ICO campaign and the amount of money required by the company investors purchase ‘tokens’ that act as shares of the company. ICO development services then include measuring the amount of money raised during the campaign duration. If the minimum requirements of the company are met, the money raised is used for the required purpose but if the campaign is unsuccessful, the raised money is returned to the investors.

QuestSage is the solution if you are searching for a fast, reliable, and secure ICO development company in India to raise your ICO. Our experienced and reliable team of ICO developers provides unparalleled, customized, optimized, and stable ICO solutions. We have a track record of providing crypto token development services by building intricate models for your cryptocurrency tokens. Before your ICO launch, we ensure completion of your ICO token development.

Initial steps we follow for the launch of ICO

For successfully launching your ICO and raising crowdfunding our ICO development company in India provides fast and reliable solutions.

Brainstorming and creating whitepaper: As whitepaper forms the backbone of ICO, our blockchain experts and ICO developers ideate and perform thorough research to determine what can be best achieved and presented in the whitepaper. This reflects your vision perfectly to the stakeholders and encourage the prospective investors to participate in the token sale of your product.

Pre-ICO marketing and setting up the dashboard:Creating landing pages with social proofs and ramping up community support through different channels and social media, we market your ICO before it is launched in the market and create the investor dashboard. The purpose is to make token buyers aware of the benefits such as minimal entry threshold, higher profitability, high security, referral bonus, simple and convenient interface.

Conception of ICO roadmap: This acts as a general guide on how ICOs are conducted by dividing the whole ICO process into different time-bound phases and milestones to get the tasks accomplished on time.

Open the ICO for all: After a pre-determined time interval, the pre-ICO and ICO is opened so that the investors can commit investment amount determined by you and purchase your coin/token.

Wallet setup and coin drop:The final step is to drop the allotted or purchased amount of coins or tokens to the whitelabeled web and mobile wallets of investors.

Our ICO development services

Ethereum App Development Company in USA needs to identify the right candidate and hire Ethereum developers for their project. The factors that need to be considered include:

  • Token design and development:
    If you are looking to hire ICO token developer in India, you can rely on our ICO token development company for designing and building of optimum models for cryptocurrency tokens quickly and carefully and preparing them for the ICO launch. Our crypto token development services include creating a better API architecture for boosting the performance by improving the token design.
  • Coin development and strategy roadmap:
    You can trust QuestSage to be a proven one-stop solution for developing secure and customised cryptocoin. We also outline the product trajectory and form strategic time-based roadmaps to help you in securing stakeholders. Using customized blockchain integration we can standardize, automate, and secure platforms across different industries for you to generate higher returns.
  • ICO marketing and PR:
    Our team of experts helps you in succeeding in the ICO development field through its dedicated and strategic marketing activities and PR. Our team of professional writers provides detailed, professional, and comprehensive whitepaper drafting, analysis, and editing services to introduce the market with your newly developed cryptocoin. Social proofs are added to the landing pages to design them intuitively and encourage investors. Other marketing solutions are also planned out meticulously to provide a cutting edge to your venture.
  • Smart contract development:
    We offer consistent and safe smart business contract development services to encourage customer loyalty and rewards systems.
  • Smart contract development:
    We offer consistent and safe smart business contract development services to encourage customer loyalty and rewards systems.
  • Community building and support:
    Our ICO development company also lay a strong foundation for growth by taking responsibility for building independent and transparent communities across various categories powered by digital blockchain based solutions. Our dedicated and experienced team of experts ensures the successful launch of your product in the initial stages.

Why you should hire ICO token developer in India for your business?

  • Meticulous technical expertise
  • Established industry knowledge partners
  • Simplified and cost-effective fundraising opportunity
  • Quick, confidential, and secure platform
  • New customer base build-up
  • Company value perception growth

Contact us today to know more about our services, and we assure you that our team of expert blockchain developers will walk with you through your journey.

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