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Today, Internet has bridged the barriers and powered the communication to next level. Internet and technology together create wonders. IoT (Internet of things) is a network of connected objects using the Internet. With super internet speed, this is exponentially increasing. IoT is about communication between people-things (objects), things-things and people-people. There is nothing you cannot connect with or to with the help of IoT. This technology allows an exchange of data from every object.

Generally, with the global use of smartphones, the rate at which data gets exchanged is impeccable. As an IoT App Development Company in India & USA, QuestSage ensures that this collected data can be accessed from everywhere. We utilize the smart data analytics and leading cloud platforms to work with enormous data. One can also control the devices from anywhere with browsers or smartphones.

Research confirms that in 2020, the global Internet of Things market will churn out whopping revenue of $1.7 trillion. This means multiple devices will feature stronger connections on diverse platforms with different possibilities. QuestSage is keen on leveraging the possibilities to new horizons.

Why develop IoT apps?

With the increasing usage of the internet, connecting with devices and people is a must. Thus, the need to develop apps using IoT arises. Many other compelling reasons support the IoT app development.

Why choose QuestSage as an IoT app development company?

  • At QuestSage, an IoT app development company, in India, we understand what role do mobile apps play in everyday life.
  • Our team of IoT app developers recognize how they help in connecting the devices across the globe with the internet.
  • We help you transform your ordinary “devices” to the extraordinary “smart devices.”
  • With IoT, we can assist you to create automation gateways, next-generation mobility services and more.
  • We have a team of IoT app developers in India & USA who are tech ninjas and efficient in every innovation in connectivity. They possess expertise and experience on how to use IoT to interact with the external devices.
  • We have a profound knowledge about different protocols such as OBD2, HTTP, TCP, MQTT and many more.
  • Along with the IoT app developers, we have a strong backend team that looks after the database and interactions with the front end. We think out of the box and develop interesting projects with IoT.
  • We can deliver IoT projects using external hardware over NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This hardware can interact with the mobile phones and help you ace the next-gen race of technologies and smart devices.

Technologies we exploit to advance IoT apps

At QuestSage, is a mobile app development company, we have acquired expertise in developing IoT apps. We have built successful apps for Android, Windows and iOS mobile app platforms. All this is possible with the hard work and out of the box ideas of our IoT app developers. They understand different channels such as Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee, WiFi Direct and WiFi. With these highly efficient channels, they develop futuristic IoT apps observing the client’s business strategies.

Our team of IoT app developers develop the IoT apps with the sensors, miniature boards, power connectivity and cloud sync. They integrate the web services and follow standards to create desired IoT apps.

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